Luciano Patti /Arq

nature lover

“I seek to represent it in my architecture through the choice of noble materials that identify each project. Through the development of a concept, we manage to design unrepeatable spaces with a unique identity.”

Luciano Patti.

Transmit sensations and create atmospheres.

We are an architecture and interior design studio based in Buenos Aires and Barcelona, ​​led by Luciano Patti.

Our architecture is defined by a nature-centered approach, where the primitive and the modern coexist harmoniously in each space. Through the careful choice of organic materials combined with a contemporary perspective, we manage to design unique, authentic spaces with a clear IDENTITY.

In creating environments, we seek to generate memorable experiences, stimulate the senses and enhance sensations. These aspects are fundamental at the beginning of each design project, where the combination of materials and colors highlights the essence of each proposal, defining our identity and our creative values.

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Each intervention arises from its own concept, unmatched and unrepeatable. We analyze the specific needs of each project and propose spaces that immerse the user in a sensory journey, in a welcoming and protective environment.