Luciano Patti /Arq


Commercial use/2023

Gracia, Barcelona | España


Lost in the Gracia neighborhood, one of the busiest in Barcelona, ​​is this small Oasis located on 43 Perill Street.

Barrefit Gracia was developed with the ambition of creating a true urban oasis for its users. From the initial conceptualization phase, we had in mind to offer a unique experience that would invite those who visited to immerse themselves in a journey of positive stimuli. The main design focus was on encouraging calm and connection with nature, seeking colors and materials that convey tranquility and evoke natural beauty.





The carefully selected neutral color palette not only created a serene environment, but also provided the perfect base to highlight and enhance key elements within a completely open and flowing architectural space. The soft and warm tones of the materials used, such as natural wood for the furniture and decorative details, blended harmoniously with the walls in neutral tones, creating a feeling of continuity and visual fluidity.

One of the most notable elements of this space is the continuous floor, whose subtle irregularity, the result of careful artisanal placement, added a unique tactile and visual dimension. This feature not only brought texture and character to the environment, but also invited users to experience each step consciously and connected to the environment around them.

The ceilings, covered with natural textures such as wicker or organic textile materials, not only served as an excellent aesthetic complement, but also contributed to creating a feeling of welcome and protection within the space. The natural light filtered through these materials creates plays of light and shadows that change throughout the day, adding a fascinating visual dynamic that evokes the experience of being in contact with nature itself.

Altogether, Barrefit in the Gracia neighborhood stands as a testament to how conscious design and careful choice of materials can transform an urban environment into a serene and stimulating refuge, where the mind, body and spirit find a harmonious balance. in the middle of the bustle of the city.