Luciano Patti /Arq


Commercial use / 2023

Sant Antoni, Barcelona | España


Redefining the Traditional Bakery in Sant Antoni, Barcelona.

In the heart of Barcelona’s vibrant Sant Antoni neighborhood comes PRIMATE, a bakery that challenges convention with its artisanal approach to bread production.

From design to production, every aspect of PRIMATE has been carefully conceived to reflect its commitment to quality and authenticity. We dove into the creation process to develop an aesthetic that would not only enhance the customer experience, but also celebrate the natural beauty of freshly baked bread.





We opted for a neutral color palette that highlighted the tan tones of the wheat, allowing the products to take center stage. To this end, we created an all-white wraparound space, from ceilings to walls, creating a calm and bright backdrop. However, to add a touch of contrast and dynamism, we introduced a central element: a black volume that serves as a counter, display case and coffee station.

This minimalist approach extends to the way we define and delimit the different sectors of the space. The dark footprint in which the volume rests on the floor and the line of lighting that accompanies it allow us to mark different areas with a subtle but significant change in the environment.

The complementary furniture reflects an industrial aesthetic, where metal, iron and cement are combined to create bespoke pieces that balance functionality with elegance. From light fixtures to benches and grab bars, each element has been designed to complement the experience at PRIMATE and enhance its unique identity in Barcelona’s culinary landscape.