Luciano Patti /Arq


Commercial Use/2023

Poblenou, Barcelona | España


T44 is located in the Poblenou neighborhood, a neighborhood characterized by its manufacturing identity and the presence of large industrial warehouses that, to this day, are in the process of revitalization. The proximity to the sea was another premise that was taken into account when beginning the design process; We wanted a space that maintained the industrial aesthetic of its surroundings and that, at the same time, responded to the dynamic of outdoor living that characterizes the neighborhood.




In search of emphasizing the dishes, their colors and textures, a monochromatic aesthetic was chosen, highlighting the space through its materials.

Raw, pseudo “unfinished” finishes were chosen, thus enhancing its industrial aesthetics. As for the envelope, an open, completely diaphanous space was chosen, where the pure volumes distributed throughout the space differentiate areas, uses, and functions.

It was vitally important to take into consideration the exterior space: the views of the river and large green spaces are integrated into what is transmitted inside.

In the heart of the premises, we designed custom furniture, adopting the aesthetics of industrial metal profiles which allowed us to generate a perimeter route. We demolished façade walls and opened the interior space to the exterior, thus seeking a constant relationship between the inside and the outside, enhancing not only natural lighting but also its visibility.